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March 14, 2007

Brokerage v. Marketocracy.com

I know Marketocracy.com doesn't allow you to trade stock with real money, but the tools that they let you use make investing on their site very exciting.  The tools allow you to see how well you are doing at timing the market, how your portfolio is weighted, see comments people make about the stocks you invest in, and their portfolios also.  You can even make groups and see how all of the members rank.

So my questions is...why don't brokerages offer some cool features like these?  When I do my trading, my brokerage firm doesn't show me what my portfolio looks like compared to the major indices since its inception.  It doesn't give me any of cool analytical tools that marketocracy provides (for free!).  By making investing more exciting for the average investor, a brokerage company could potentially shield itself from market downturns.  Why stop investing when you get to see how well you are doing compared to the market and others?  Your competitive advantage would not be "low-priced trades" or "fast execution", but to help people improve their stock performance.

If marketocracy.com offered low-price trades, I'd definetly switch to doing trades with them.


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