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March 18, 2007

Computer Design

I have to give it to Apple that their products are very sleak and modern, but at the same time, how do those products fit with how your home/room looks?  It might just be me, but if you had a sleek, white laptop (or even a dull black one for that matter) sitting on a wooden desk, wouldn't the computer look out of place? 

I know Apple designs their products to be lifestyle devices, but how many of the devices actually fit in with a person's overall lifestyle?  Unless your apartment/home/dorm room contained only modern furniture made of pastic, glass, or metal; the devices just don't fit.  What if the devices did fit coherently with the other things you bought?

I just read this article in the New York Times about a few companies that are offering computers with wooden casing, and some of them look very well done.  Although, they aren't cheap.   Suissa Computers has a very nice looking case which also doubles as a small table.


Here is a computer's design from Wood Contour, complete with wooden mouse, keyboard, and lcd monitor.


Finally, this one is by far my favorite computer case design, the Sangaku by Nicholas Falzone.


I'm guessing that because computers were historically created for business customers that the design has been allowed to languish for the home.  Cubicles aren't usually the best designed things ever. 

Just for full disclosure, my room is not exactly the most coherent room ever :).


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