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March 16, 2007

Financial Literacy Seminars

Today I finished my final of three seminars on financial literacy at Ingraham High School.  During the last three Fridays, I covered banking services, loans, checking, budgetting, and saving and investing. I touched a little on consumer protection for the first class. 

The students stayed very engaged (and yes, there were a couple of drifters) during the seminars, and through the evaluations they gave back to me, they seemed to appreciate the fact I was teaching something that was directly relevant to themselves now and in the future.  Its a great feeling to know you have done something that has improved others lives and to receive thank you's in return. 

Most of the students had never thought about some of the topics I covered, especially budgetting, saving and investing, and consumer protection.  Considering how much information I was still waiting to give, I felt bad I wasn't able to cover it all, but the amount of questions students would ask more than made up for it.   I think next time I am going to focus on some of the larger topics, maybe the first class do a little on banking with a focus on loans, and then dedicate a day to budgeting/saving/investing and then another to consumer protection and credit reports.

Out of all of the courses they make you take in school, you would think they would teach you how to manage your money, haha.  And that's why our club is working on partially filling that void. 


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