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March 12, 2007

Seed of Awareness

Us_flowers I just saw this on one of my friend's facebook notes and thought it was a really cool idea to have people plant flowers in order to donate money to fight kidney disease (and yes, I did plant a seed).  Although, other than the little ticker at the top of the page, the website does not give me much of a reason to visit again. 

It would have been cool to see geographically how many flowers had been planted by people.  Timeshots of the growth would be another nice feature to have, so you could see how word of the campaign spread.  Maybe the colors of the flowers on the maps could show you the density, like as shown in the picture I made.

Or maybe have a garden where people can watch their flower grow over time through referring friends to the site, donating more money, or getting right answers on questions about kidney disease.  Maybe even letting them see how much their flower grows compared to their friends?  The attributes of the flower could change with parameter.  Such as a longer stem for more invitees planting flowers, more foliage for correct answers, and a larger flower for more money donated by yourself (and a % of what is donated by people you invite).

These types of interactions would really help make the site more sticky.  If the point of the site was to just get 500,000 people to plant flowers, then my ideas wouldn't be worth their time.  But if they want people to continue to visit the site, they might want to look into these ideas for next time.  Considering the flower planting ends on March 16th, maybe they will end up surprising us with something :-).


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