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March 11, 2007

UW Business School #25

Its great to see that the UW Business School was ranked #25 in the nation for its undergraduate program.  There has also been some debate as to how much the ranking will go up by once they replace Balmer Hall with a newer building (5 spots anyone?).

After reviewing what the other schools are doing well and from my own experience in the undergraduate program, here are some ideas I have to help improve the program.  I would love to see the school be in the top 10!

  1. Have more cases in classes, lecture from the book is not the most stimulating.
  2. And going with that, shift to more of an MBA format (this has worked for Berkeley).  What if our undergrads came out just as prepared as the MBA students?
  3. More students competing in competitions and more competitions.
  4. More advertising around the UW-Seattle Campus about the Business School by the Business School (not just the clubs) to create a greater buzz around it.
  5. Create a greater bond with start-up companies in the area.  The BEDC has been doing a great job with this, but it would be awesome to get even more backing from the Business School.

If there is anything that I am not aware of that addresses one of these points or if you have anymore ideas, let me know.


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Recruiters, recruiters, recruiters. We are right now solely looked at as a west coast school. Most of our students graduate and stay in the area. That has turned off recruiters from the mid-west/east coast from making the trip to the pacific northwest. The business school needs to make an effort to change our positioning with recruiters outside of Seattle. I mean it's great that Microsoft and Boeing recruit here, but what about the big financial firms, and other powerful firms outside of the Seattle area? The fact of the matter is that we're not going to be top-10 unless our recruiters rate us as a top-10 program, and that is not going to happen if they don't come recruit here.

Then I guess the questions are: who should we have recruit? and how do we get them to recruit at UW? I agree that the business school needs to make a bigger effort to bring in recruiters from outside of Seattle. That combined with an alteration of the curriculum would help our ranking.

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