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September 26, 2007

Using Songs to Segment?

If you think about it, the music you listen to can say a lot about your inner thoughts and desires, personality, and what you relate to.  Its the emotional outlet that people tend to share a lot, especially when younger.  Could this provide a worthwhile way to do customer segmentation?

Pandora and Last.fm have a huge store of songs that people have favorited/bookmarked/etc. and what music they listen to at different points in time.  If you look me up, you'll probably find I like to listen to a lot of club music now.  You could throw me in the segment of a person that likes to go out, dance, and socialize a lot.  With a little more demographic information (maybe age, education, and location), the company could then tailor ads to product categories of interest to me.  Ads that might target me could be networking events going on in the area, nice clothing, or sports cars.

These ads wouldn't be able to pick-up whether I like to trade stocks or if I read business news ever day, but it might provide a nice way to find out what people want to spend discretionary money on.  Who knows, with a large enough user base it might say more.


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